From the perspective of our own universe, Terralandria, it may seem to you irrational when I share with you the facts surrounding a universe closer to you than your local grocer’s market.  It is our twin sister universe.   And, it is immediately nearer to you than three-hundred-thousandths the breadth of a single strand of human hair.

It is a universe not gotten into by magic, as is the system known by most as, Narnia.  No.  One may only enter into Saiyandria, via science.  As well, one should not expect entrance into our twin sister universe, save by scientific accident; an entrance unmindful about gaining one’s consent, thereof.

And this is precisely what did happen, one chilly autumn night in the year which mirrors our own, nineteen-hundred-forty-one.

The Quantum Accident is a story about two mixed-race siblings whose troubles in their own universe, upon their own cherished planet, in their separate abodes in North America are placed into their proper perspective.  When brother and sister find themselves alive and well on planet Delcimer’s Hero Island, they believe–with a pint of sigh, and a quart of relief, they believe they have found distraction from their earthly troubles.

As thirteen-year-old Tyler Rain finds himself escaping the awful hinged, lidded mouth of a talking serpent disarms the boy’s fear of being struck by the serpent’s sickening, curved syringes.  Ungarded, Tyler Rain sat conversing with the snake from beneath a pale yellow rock.

Just as the serpent goes back on it’s word’s of kind reception and hospitality, the boy watches in horror as the hinged lid is determinately raised by the serpent, and Tyler Rain simply had to clench tight his eyes. Just in time, the boy feels himself becoming immediately raptured (apparently by some Lord of Prey or another).  Tyler Rain is forthwith taken to the peaks of Eagle Mountains, and shortly finds himself being tamed by…well, an…an, er–tamed by some prodigious, wild, flying beast.

By the by, Tyler Rain’s eleven-year-old sister finds distraction within a society ambiguous about her alien race.  Still, among many of the creatures, Autumn Joy finds solace and hospitality in  the wagon of a tightly packed military Jimmy.  The vehicle is apparently flying North for winter–not along America’s Interstate Number Thirty-Five–but along the bumpy, unpaved Thoroughfare-Number-Seventy-Two, which joins Hero Island’s Southern Riverwood County, with the twin cities of Assisi and Sales in the island’s Northern Province.

Conflict between the two siblings may not have had much impact on the environment, back on Terralandria’s planet Earth.  Indeed, the multiplication of layer on layer of bitter envy, resentment, and spite between the human brother and sister went entirely unnoticed, on their own planet.

However, the tensions between them cannot help but present with strange results, on Delcimer’s Hero Island.  You see, Saiyandria is a universe where creaturely hearts emit radiation that is either beneficial to the surrounding environment, or, well–they emit radiation that is a source of terrific, multiplicative destruction.

In the following audio preview, seat yourselves about the hearth–wrap up in your favorite throw, and become familiar with the troubles setting themselves up on Hero Island–quite prior to the accident which scanned and copied the two siblings and a bitter old maid into our own twin sister universe, Saiyandria.

A Nearby Universe:  Events Prior


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