Series Part 4, Happy

Here is part 4 from, The Decision that Ends in Happy.  Please share feedback, as it assists me in learning from such feedback.  This series is taken in nearly all of its entirety from Luke 15 (for those who wish to follow along).  You will note that I often work to disarm skeptics to religion by demonstrating that we are dealing with logical reasoning discourse, or dialogue–which need not be memorized, verbatim–word for word.  In fact, many troublesome words and even complete clauses and trains of thought may be internalized and appropriately transposed into language that, although conveying the exact same logic, works to make the Gospel message new, again.  You will also note, that I often make use of synonyms designed to replace hackneyed religious terminology.  The main point of these journalistic news reports was not, religion–the main point abides within the logic and reasoning conveyed through these reports, and in particular, through the works, words, and teachings of the human being, Jesus Christ, who factually entered into our human history and walked about in the real geographical area known then as, Palestine.